Gismo vom Josefshof FCI - German Dachshund Sire

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Hello, my name is Gismo vom Josefshof FCI and I'm an authentic Long-haired Dachshund, Standard sized, from Freudenberg, Germany. In September 2009 my family and I moved to Miami, Florida. For me an easy trip, because I enjoyed a tranquilizer during the nine hour flight and had experienced previous travels within Europe. While my travel box had been large enough to fit a German Shepherd Dog, I was more comfortable than my man sitting in economy class.
My years here in the United States have been very exciting, too. So far, I made a road trip all the way to New York City, Washington D.C. and a few cities in New Jersey, where I participated successfully in a breeding show and several performance tests. I really had a great time there with all the other dachshunds, even though I was the only Standard sized Longhair - but I have always known that I was one of a kind.
Now that I am approved for breeding, I would be delighted if I met a suitable beauty. The girls I already encountered through the North American Teckel Club were gorgeous femmes, but they were either Kaninchen- or Zwergteckels or had a different coat and we are not allowed to mix.
 Here are some photographs when I was a puppy. I guess my future little ones will probably look similar.
My favored hobbies, besides eating, are hunting cats and opossums, reading newspapers out in the street while marking my territory and swimming.  The ocean tide is kind of wild at times, still I make a good figure in the water, compared to others, but I prefer exercising in quiet lakes.
But don't think that, because I am a nice dog, I would not have any responsibilities. I am obliged to make a living by guarding my man's property 24/7. This would be much more fun if I had someone barking together with me once in a while, although the neighborhood colleagues are not bad either.
Dear Dachshund Ladies, I look forward to a get together with you soon!


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